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Doylestown Presbyterian Church
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    and a beacon of His love.”

September 23, 2012

facetofaceAfter church on Sunday, September 23, four members of DPC volunteered to serve lunch to almost 200 hungry and homeless individuals living in Germantown, PA, through an organization called Face to Face. Face to Face treats all of those in need of a meal as guests, and offers a full sit-down meal that the volunteers prepare and serve. Guests are invited to come a couple of hours before the meal is served to spend some time interacting with each other, playing board games, drinking coffee, or just generally relaxing in a safe, warm environment. This is also a time for volunteers to get to know the clients at Face to Face.

In addition to offering meals to the hungry, Face to Face provides many other services in areas like social services, law, health, arts, and education. There are many ways for our congregation to get involved at Face to Face, helping those in our community in need.


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