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Doylestown Presbyterian Church
“Be a bridge for Christ
    and a beacon of His love.”

July 22-28, 2012

img_0127A group of 24 DPC youth and adult leaders loaded up the church vans in mid-July and headed to Tyrand Cooperative Ministries in Mill Creek, West Virginia to spend a week giving back to those in need in the Tygart Valley region of the state. Throughout the trip, the group was able to participate in a variety of projects that made a significant impact, including painting the exterior of an elderly woman’s home, garage, and porch and replacing a portion of the siding; rebuilding the walls of a church that had been demolished by strong summer storms; constructing a set of outdoor stairs for a woman’s trailer and installing a slanted roof above her home in order to keep the snow from piling up on her trailer in the wintertime; re-painting the town's youth health services building;  replacing a concrete walkway at Tyrand Ministries; and planning and creating a large wooden shelter to house a family’s rabbits. In addition to this hard work, the group had the opportunity to share in fellowship and develop long-lasting friendships.

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