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Sundays in AH-211

Diverse Topics. Diverse People. Demanding Times. Learning In God's House Together!

          October 2018   Fresh Start. Fresh Format.

October 28th begins iLIGHT's year of...

         Knowing God. Knowing Ourselves. Navigating Life.  


This October, iLIGHT is making a fresh start with a fresh format! Every Sunday morning join others struggling to navigate the grind, desiring deeper relationships, and longing for life abundant.  We will spend the year leaning into God, revealing ways to navigate this seemingly exhausting crazy world with-God, with-purpose, with-hope.  The approach will be conversational and relationally focused--we are in this together.  iLIGHT will alternate between series of presented topics and of group conversation focused on a particular book.  When we find God, we find ourselves.  God, through us, will transform the world.


October 28 - November 25      You Are What You Love by James K. A. Smith


We will unpack Smith's bold claim, "you are what you love....but you might not love what you think".  This claim is of great significance for Christians trying to navigate a rapidly shifting and demanding culture, for parents trying to form empathetic, community-minded children, and for all looking to be captured by something real.  You may purchase the book and begin reading before October 28th.  There will be books available in iLIGHT as well.

  ******Busy week...forgot to read....don't even have the book....can't make all 5 weeks....come when you can....read what you feel led...your presence is wanted....you are an important part of the conversation!  Led by Christen Blore and Steve Spadt

 October 28     Ch.1      You Are What You Love

November 4    Ch. 2      You Might Not Love What You Think

November 11  Ch. 3      The Spirit Meet You Where You Are

November 18  Chs. 4,5  What Story Are You In?, The Liturgies of Home

November 25  Chs. 6,7  Teach Your Children Well, You Make What You Want



2018 Topic Archive

February 4 and 11: Jesus’ Teachings & the Shaping of Modern Society.  Led by Matt Rizk

February 18 - March 25 : Letting Go: Recalibrating Our Busy Lives.  Led by Krista & Steve Spadt

        February 25  Presentation

        March 4        Presentation

        March 11      Presentation

        March 18      Presentation

April 8-22 : Parenting Pearls of WisdomJoin this intergenerational conversation—offering parents the opportunity to ask questions of other parents who have made it to the “other side”.


2017 Topic Archive:

February 5 – 26: “The Cost of Discipleship.” Led by Mina Choi, Kristen and Frank Roland and Krista and Steve Spadt

March 5April 9: "Jesus of Nazareth: Risen or Not?" Led by Peter Crooke, Larry King, Keith Roberts and John Willingham

April 23May 7:  "Christian...Is It What You Think?" Led by Leslie Gearhart and Krista Spadt

October 15November 5, 2017: "Just Generosity." Led by Mike Rush

October 23November 20: "Who, What, When, Where, Why."

October 23: "Bread", Led by Krista and Steve Spadt                                                     

Click Here for Presentation

October 30: "Weddings, Water, and Wine", Led by Matt Rizk                  

Click Here for Presentation

November 6: "Herbs, Spices, and Other Remedies", Led by Charlie Sweet 

Click Here for Presentation

November 13: "A Grief Observed", Led by Pauline Sexton

November 20: "Calvary", Led by Mina Choi

November 12November 26: "Parenting with Fire" Led by Scott Blore and Rich Cummings

Click Here Wk#1 Presentation

Click Here WK#2 Presentation

November 27December 18: "Hell-Yes...OR...Hell-No" Led by Scott Blore and Jeff Toner

November 27     Click Here for Presentation

December 4       Click Here for Presentation

December 11     Click Here for Presentation

December 18     Click Here for Presentation

 December 317: "Which One...Matthew or Luke?" Led by Pauline Sexton

Click Here Wk#1 Presentation

Click Here Wk#2 Presentation

Click Here Wk#3 Presentation


2016 Topic Archive:

January 3-February 7: "Pagans, Popes, Peasants, Presbyterians, & Postmoderns" Led by Christen Blore, Josh Gill, Keith Roberts, and John Willingham

Week #1, Pagans, Early Church--The Way,  led by Christen Blore

Week #2, Popes, Middle Ages--The Cathedral, led by Josh Gill

Week #3, Peasants,  Reformation--The Word,  led by John Willingham

Week #4,Presbyterians, Modernity--The Quest,  led by Keith Roberts

Week #5, Postmoderns, Today--The River   1 Peter Handout, led by Christen Blore

February 7 - February 28: "Be Mine" led by Christen Blore

Love for God, Click here for week #1 presentation, Handout

Love for Us,  Click here for week #2 presentation

Love for Others, Click here for week #3 presentation, Handout

March 6: "Interpretations of the Last Supper" Led by Christen Blore

March 13 & 20: "We're Off to See the Wizard" Led by Mike Rush

April 3 - May 1:"Faith & Life Lessons" Led by Steve & Krista Spadt, Jay & Barbara Belding, Vicki & Josh Gill, Allen & Glenda Childs, and Pauline Sexton

September 20-October 18: "The Story--Live"! Led by Mina Choi (The Sinful Woman), Larry King and Keith Roberts (David), Naomi Darville and Susan Darville (Mary & Martha), Linay Richards (The Judge), Art Shull (The Sower)

October 25-November 8: "Sneak Peek" , Barbara Butler Bass' Grounded: Finding God in the World, Led by John Willingham

November 15-December 20: TED..."Ideas Worth Spreading"  Led by Scott Blore and Steve Spadt...check each week out below:

TED week #1  Broken , Discussion

TED week #2  Happiness, Discussion

TED week #3  Connected but Alone, Discussion

TED week #4  We Need to Talk, Discussion

TED week #5  Water, Discussion  Performed LIVE! by special guest Jeff Fulgham!


2015 Topic Archive:

January 4 - January 18: "Focus on Family" Led by Nancy Roe (Children's Behavior Concerns), Sharon Shaw (Eating Disorders), and Emsley Willingham (Healthy Family Eating)

January 25 - March 1: "Great Ends of the Church" Led by Christen Blore, Josh Gill, Keith Roberts, and John Willingham

March 8 - March 29: "Faith and Life Lessons" Led by Dick & Judy Mumaugh, Jay Stough, Art & Lindsay Shull, and Mina Choi

April 12: "Faith through the Generations: Kept or Lost?" Led by John Willingham

September 14 - October 5: "Faithful Finance" Led by John Baker

October 12- November 16: "Approach to the Bible vs Approach to a Stephen King Novel--Different or the Same?" Led by Christen Blore, Josh Gill, Keith Roberts, and John Willingham

November 23 - December 21: "Conversations with Rob Bell" Led by Scott Blore and Mike Rush


How We Began...

iLIGHT began on a Sunday morning in January, 2015 and in 4 short months welcomed 90 different people through its door. iLIGHT is an open and flexible forum for people new to such an experience or to seasoned church school goers alike. Please join us this September as we continue to grow, to connect, and to create abundance.Thank you for making iLIGHT’s inaugural year abundant. Abundant? Each Sunday morning the room was a melting pot of ages, of life circumstances, and of spiritual knowledge and experience. Names were exchanged, conversations flowed, and a nurturing community of faith and acceptance was re-created each week. Whether the topic was: how to improve your listening skills, using the Myers-Briggs Inventory to find spiritual balance, finding God in movies, or simply listening to fellow members share their life lessons and faith stories—there was abundance.There was an abundance of laughter, of learning, and of support in a “no expectations” setting. All were blessed with an abundance of shared grace, of shared growth, and of shared gifts.