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Sundays AH-213

Where is "Away"? April 29-May 20

Peace and Justice sponsors a four-week series: Where is "Away"? A Theological Discussion of Waste and its Environmental Impacts. We will discuss how our 21st century disposable manner of living and our "out of sight, out of mind" approach to trash and recycling impacts the Earth and those around us.

April 29: What Does "Away" Look Like? Waste as a Window. Waste, like technology, is falsely assumed to be value neutral, and we are encouraged to forget about waste the moment it enters a trash receptacle. Recycling is viewed as the solution, but the commodification of recycling has encouraged increases in production while giving the impression of a closed loop. In this class we will discuss what ‘away’ looks like and how our view of trash impacts our understanding of the natural world.

May 6: Waste and Race. How minorities and the poor are disproportionately impacted through waste 

May 13: Waste and Consumption. What it means to view something as disposable and how we can become more faithful stewards 

May 20: Waste and Place. The impact of suburbia on waste and how to intentionally design places to reduce waste

Led by Greg Jensen, AH-213


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