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Meets Every Sunday, AH-120  

Men comfortably address the myriad of personal problems that are seldomly discussed. Presented by a Christian professional or Bible scholar.

Coordinated by Lou Zoppel.

June-July 2018 - Note room change: AH-213, 8:30-9:15

The biblical book of Daniel is often thought of as a source of amazing stories for Vacation Bible School (Daniel was a dentist and he pulled the lions teeth) or prophesy, one of which Jesus cites in Matthew 24:15. Carefully considered, it can teach us much about our own times, if we care to understand both his times and ours. Join us (women gladly included) this summer for a read and discuss program of the Book of Daniel, running for seven consecutive Sundays from June 17 to July 29. Vegetarianism, civil disobedience, political correctness, and immigration are just a few of the possible topics.

Dates and tentative topics:

June 17: Who was Daniel?
June 24: Prophesy (in the park before the service)
July 1: Civil Disobedience
July 8: Who is Really in Charge?
July 15: Political Correctness
July 22: The Best is Yet to Come
July 29: All’s Well that Ends Well