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Youth Staff

Josh Gill

joshProgram: All

Why I enjoy working with youth: Teenagers are the most interesting people on the planet. They are so full of life, energy, and passion. When the church seeks to tap into that life, energy, and passion;  creativity and change can bloom.

School: Eastern B.S. Youth Ministry M.S. Non-profit Management Palmer Theological Seminary M. DIV

Career: DPC’s Pastor of Youth and their Families

Favorite Treat: Buffalo Wings

Hobby: Wood Working

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Phil Cacossa

PhilCacossaProgram:  Confirmation Leader

Why I enjoy working with youth:  A lot of the youth who we work with have great, honest questions about their faith, which helps me to better understand what I believe.  Also, because a lot of the concepts we talk about are new to them, their interpretations and insights are often fresh and enlightening.

School:  I grew up in New Jersey.  I graduated from Livingston High School and got my Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.  I also received my MBA from Rutgers (a true Jersey boy).

Career:  I am one of three partners in a small architecture firm in Piscataway NJ.

Favorite Treat:  There are too many to list.  My dad was a baker and I caught the bug.  I love homemade cakes, pies and pastries.  Anything warm from the oven.

Hobby:  Again, too many to list.  Here are some of my favorites; fly fishing, music (singing, concerts, collecting, playing), baking, handyman Repairs, chess, cooking, gardening

Damian Ford

DamienFordPrograms: element, Youth Choir, Youth Committee

Why I enjoy working with youth:  I am learning that, as an adult leader, we are on a similar spiritual journey as our youth, just from a slightly different perspective.  As an adult working with your children, I enjoy the unique opportunity to learn from, interact with, and connect through fellowship with the young people of our congregation.  I do not take the spiritual gift of working with young people for granted and find myself humbled in their presence.

Education:  I grew up in Quakertown, moved to Perkasie and graduated from Pennridge High School.  I graduated in 1993 with a B.S. degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from East Stroudsburg University

Career: Work in our family's furniture and interior design business, Hendrixson's Furniture.

Favorite treat:  It is a treat for me to cook for family and friends

Hobbies:  I am teaching myself to play guitar, enjoy watercolor painting, and I sing in a small 6-voice a cappella choir.

Tara Gormley

TaraGormleyProgram: Confirmation Leader

Why I enjoy working with youth: We are called to share our faith with others. I feel my strengths lead me to youth as I enjoy their inquisitive nature. I value the opportunity to be able to share my faith and experiences while shaping their spiritual development in a positive manner. Besides, youth are fun!

School: Penn State University

Career: Stay at home

Favorite Treat: Asher's chocolate covered pretzels

Hobby: Swimming, biking, and running (in that order)

Bill Grun

BillGrunProgram: element

Why I enjoy working with youth:


Career: Industrial Arts teacher with Abington School District

Favorite treat:


Glenn Haas

GlennPrograms: element leader, Confirmation Class teacher, substitute Church School teacher, Youth Choir adult leader

Why I enjoy working with youth:  I enjoy seeing them grow and mature in their faith. Many of them I have seen from the first day they start 7th grade and watch them blossom into young adults in their faith. It is great to be part of their life. 

School: Central Bucks School District -  I went to Linden, Lenape and graduated from CB East in 1983. I graduated from Kutztown University

Career: I work in the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds . I have been there for over 27 years.

Hobby: I am in search of a hobby at this moment, but I do read and travel a bit. My favorite places to travel are to Boston and Florida/ Disney World.

Favorite Treat: Pizza goldfish.

Melissa Hauser

Program: Confirmation Class leader

Why I enjoy working with youth:  The youth at DPC are energetic and surprise me all the time with their insights and views on their beliefs.

School:CB East and Penn State

Career: Law Firm Office Administration

Favorite Treat: Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles  

Hobby:  Skiing  

Terry Herring

TerryHerringPrograms: Senior High Church School and Confirmation Class

Why I enjoy working with youth: It keeps me grounded in the real world and focused on what is important

School: The Citadel

Career: Marketing

Favorite Treat:  Fried chicken

Hobby: Coaching

Chris Hutkin

ChrisHutkinPrograms: element, Youth Choir

Why I enjoy working with youth:  It's energizing, and sharing my love for our church and God is so fulfilling. Seeing God work in their lives and helping them walk their journey is a joy. Plus, it keeps me young!

School: Neshaminy Maple Point High School, East Stroudsburg Univ with a BA in Media and Communications

Career: Exhibit Account Manager for Advertising Specialty Institute - I sell space!

Favorite Treat: Ice cream

Hobby: Cooking

Aykan "Mr. Awesome" Karabudak

AikenPrograms: element and Youth Choir

Why I enjoy working with youth: Their energy is refreshing and I get to enjoy extra mid-week laughs.

School: Buckingham Elementary, Holicong MS, CB East HS, and Drexel University

Career: Research Scientist / Biomedical engineer

Favorite Treat: Puppy chow 

Hobby: Playing with my kids, and when there is time: chores from my wife.  And if there is any extra time: soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, Warhammer, PC gaming, console gaming, Photoshop tinkering, building things, riding bikes, writing, reading and napping.  I love me some naps.