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womansplaceA Woman's Place provides a full range of assistance and support services for victims of domestic abuse and violence and their children. Volunteers are needed in areas like administrative work; communications; thrift store assistance; and fundraising. These positions require volunteers to take the C.O.R.E. Training, which is 10.5 hours of instruction that focuses on A Woman's Place projects, programs, and domestic violence issues in the community.

There is also the opportunity to volunteer as a children's advocate; hotline counselor; legal advocate; peer counselor; shelter advocate; support group facilitator; and teen chat line operator.These positions require 42 hours of direct service training, which emphasizes in-depth understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence as well as skill building in supporting victims of domestic violence.These volunteers are trained to work directly with victims.

The Teen Volunteer Program is open to young people in grades 7-12. Volunteers must attend 6 hours of training, which discusses the issues of teen dating violence as well as the impact of domestic violence on children and families. Volunteers can help in areas including administrative work; children mentorship; and as a thrift store attendant.

Call 215-343-9241

Ages:12 to adult