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The Camp consists of 286 acres with large meadows for games, a pond for boating, swimming, and hiking trails. The highlights of the Camp are a suspension bridge over Big Pocono Creek which is suitable for tubing, fly fishing, and environmental studies, as well as “the ridge” with its majestic view of the Pocono mountains. There are programs for all ages beginning at the end of June: First Timers (K-1 accompanied by a parent), Beginners (2nd - 3rd), Juniors (4th - 6th), Junior Highs (7th - 9th), and Senior Highs (through 12th), as well as a number of adventure camps. Want to see the camp in person? Visit their website or call the Kirkwood office (215-732-1842).


  1. Who owns Kirkwood Camp?
  2. How many acres of Pocono Trees encompass Kirkwood?
  3. How many structures are on Kirkwood’s Campus?
  4. What is the name of the ever flowing mountain stream at Kirkwood?
  5. What Pennsylvania scenic attraction can you see from Kirkwood’s “mini mountain?”
  6. What Railroad was running through Kirkwood until abandonment in 1941?
  7. What does a night in the authentic R.R. “Loose Caboose” (sleeps four) cost?
  8. How much money does the Philadelphia Presbytery pay to run Kirkwood?
  9. How many DPC kids attended Kirkwood’s 2008 Summer Camp?
  10. How many kids 8 to 18 attend Kirkwood’s 8-week Christian Summer Camp?
  11. When did the very last 2009 Spring ROCKMEN work day occur at Kirkwood?


  1. 139 Churches of the Philadelphia Presbytery
  2. 288 acres
  3. Fifteen (15)
  4. Pocono Creek
  5. Delaware Water Gap
  6. Wilkes-Barre & Eastern Railroad
  7. $50.00 “Bucks” a night includes exploring fishing and hiking the entire estate.
  8. $85,000.00 annually which must also cover three permanent camp staff salaries.
  9. 30 DPC kids in 2008 experienced Kirkwood’s Creation and Christian Programs.
  10. On average 300+ from various denominations and ethnicities.
  11. May, 2, 2009