DPC Scrip bag onlyEasy, fun and convenient!

Help reduce our debt while doing everyday shopping. As you shop on-line and at your favorite local retailers, including grocery and department stores, gas stations, movies, restaurants, hotels, office supplies, sporting goods, home improvement and much, much more (over 700 retailers) a portion of your every day purchases are rebated directly and immediately to DPC.

There are two great ways to participate without any cost to you!

1. PHYSICAL GIFT CARDS – Simply Download the Family Gift Card Order Form HERE

Decide which and how many of what denomination cards you want to buy for your use, holiday giving, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, employees, etc. Total your order at the bottom. Make your check payable to DPC for that amount and attach it to your order form. By the 25th of any/every month, have your completed order form and check into the church office. Your gift cards will be available on the bridge or in the Church office within 10 days. The percentage next to each gift card on the FAMILY GIFT CARD ORDER FORM is automatically rebated by the retailer to DPC when the order is processed.

2. ONLINE SCRIP ORDER – Scrip is what is downloaded to your computer/smart phone when you order. It is the same as a gift card only it is what you print out from a download and is in the form of a piece of paper with a bar code.

  • Scrip ordering is the fastest way to receive scrip and you can use right away. It is a lengthier set up process because it is very secure. Once set up however, scrip ordering is very EASY, FAST and CONVENIENT.

You will need the following to set up your account:
• The website – www.shopwithscrip.com
• Six character password
• The DPC enrollment code – 4E34E35D39897
• Your bank routing number (found at the bottom of your check to the left of your account number).
• Your checking account number (found at the bottom of your check to the right of your routing number).

When you go onto the website there is a step-by-step enrollment process to follow:

  1. Establishing who you are. NOTE: Throughout this project you will need to provide your name, security questions, pin code, etc. Be sure to jot down this important information.
  2. Once you have completed the enrollment process, click on "PrestoPay" at the lower left corner of the screen and complete the presto pay questions. NOTE: PrestoPay is the term/process for secure debiting of your checking account.
  3. The Scrip company will then verify the information and within a day or two, they will deposit TWO small sums of money (few pennies each) into your checking account. This is to verify that the account and that the process is secure and in order. Those two sums of money will be required for you to proceed to the third step. When you see the deposits in your account in the next day or two, jot them down and go back on the website, click on PrestoPay, and continue the PrestoPay sign up process.
  4. After completing the process, the Scrip company will email you a 4 digit number with instructions to contact the DPC coordinator with that number. If you have questions, please contact the Church Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 215-348-3531 

Again, for additional security, the coordinator will need to go on the coordinator dashboard and verify and authorize your account. It will then be available for you to order scrip.

Along the process there is a box checked to receive specials notices. Please keep this box checked as there are significant additional percentages that the church will receive should you take advantage of that particular retailer's offer.

During this process or anytime, feel free to contact the church office with any questions.

Thank you for your participation to help reduce church debt!