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Our goal in the DPC Nursery is to provide your child with a safe and nurturing environment in which to play, socialize with others, and enjoy a variety of activities aimed at supporting their spiritual development. While in our care, your child may…

  • Play with toys
  • Enjoy coloring, play dough, puzzles or simple crafts (for older children)
  • Listen to Bible stories
  • Sing and dance along with faith‐based music and videos
  • Interact with friends and caregivers
  • Sleep or rest

Young children will sometimes cry or protest when their parents leave them in the care of another, and this is perfectly normal behavior. Most children will calm down soon after a parent departs. Rest assured that if your child is upset, he or she will be comforted and helped to find enjoyable ways to spend his or her time in the Nursery. If your child’s crying persists for an extended period of time or he/she becomes increasingly agitated over your absence, we will contact you on your cell phone (Note: if you will be in services, please be sure you have set your phone to the “vibrate” setting so as not to disturb others).