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Meets Every Sunday beginning September 15, AH-120  

“New” Adult Education Class!

In 2007, a new adult education class, “ManTalk”, started at DPC to address biblical and spiritual needs of men of the church. This unique class featured a different Christian professional or biblical scholar each week sharing a biblical lesson and discussion of how it applied to our Christian walk.  Over the years, the topics started reaching more than just the men of DPC.  This Fall, “ManTalk” will become “BibleTalk!”, welcoming every adult in the church.  We will continue offering a different Christian professional or biblical scholar on topics of spiritual interest, some multi-part teachings on biblical truths, and testimonies from courageous individuals who will share their spiritual journeys with us. We encourage you to try us.  We believe “BIBLETALK!” will be a class you won’t want to miss.

Each Sunday morning starting with coffee and refreshments at 9:30 AM, class from 9:45-10:30 AM in AH Room-120.  Coordinated by Tim Liebig.