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Doylestown, PA

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About the Organization: This outreach program visits nursing homes and lets residents "shop" for gifts to offer to loved ones during the Christmas season. DPC's Marne Dietterich watched her parents spend their last – often frustrating – Christmas seasons in a nursing home, their desire to get in on the gift-giving stymied by immobility and illness. She now devotes her energies to remedying that predicament for other nursing home residents. Each Christmas, Marne and over 100 volunteers visit nursing homes, turning them into festive shops. All merchandise is new and has been donated, so the gifts are free to nursing home residents. Volunteers help with selection and wrapping.

DPC Engagement: Church and community members meet at Doylestown Presbyterian Church throughout the year to create and wrap gifts in preparation for the Christmas season. For more information on how to get help, please visit the "Get Involved" page in the mission section of the church website.

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