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Southwest United States

anaAbout the Organization: Americans for Native Americans works to improve the quality of life of Native Americans by providing essential goods and programs that foster self-reliance and mutual understanding. With many lacking basic necessities, the living conditions on Native American reservations can be shocking to those not familiar with reservation life. Native Americans deal with frightening statistics every day, struggling with rampant poverty, homelessness, sub-standard housing without water, heat, or electricity, extremely high unemployment, and very low graduation rates.

DPC Engagement: Our congregation has supported the work of this organization in a number of ways, including helping to provide eye glasses to children living on the Zuni reservation, providing funding for a backpack food program through the Community Pantry to be sure children have food when they are not attending school, and helping to purchase medical equipment for a mobile medical unit for Native American reservations in New Mexico. DPC hosts two mission trips to the Southwest each year to help understand the difficulties faced by the Native American community and to volunteer at the Community Pantry, a food pantry serving many in this area. 

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