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Gallup, New Mexico

communitypantryAbout the Organization: Serving more than 2,300 households each month, the Community Pantry strives to nourish the families in its surrounding area of Gallup, NM by acquiring, storing, and distributing wholesome food to children, the elderly, and families in need. 

DPC Engagement: DPC has been actively supporting the Community Pantry in a variety of ways for many years. Since 2006, our congregation has provided general financial support for the pantry's programs, including a backpack food program for kids, which ensures that school-age children will have food over each weekend. DPC provided the resources for a cistern in 2011 to help nourish the Community Pantry's Hope Garden, which supplements the food given to families in need by providing fresh produce while also educating the public about health sustenance and enhancement. Through the Forward Together capital campaign, we provided the funding for the completion of the Hope Garden, which included the construction of two additional hoop houses for vegetables and a berm to provide wind protection from winds that at times can reach 50 mph.  It also allowed for the purchase of fruit-producing trees, shrubs, and grasses, fill dirt and topsoil for areas inside the berm and hoop houses, irrigation equipment, Bobcat time, and project management for nine months to make the effort a reality. DPC members have been visiting the Community Pantry on an annual mission trip since 2010.

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