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DPC 2019


House That Faith built Habitat

This spring, DPC will be partnering with a group of about 20 other local religious communities to work with Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County to build a home in Morrisville as part of a project called "Faith Build 2019.

Habitat will break ground on this "House That Faith Built" this summer in a neighborhood called Woodland Park in Morrisville, PA, and it will be home for a family with 2 young children.

Habitat is one of DPC's spotlight outreach organizations this year, and there will be many opportunities to get involved in this project. Keep an eye out for updates on what is happening and how you can help out!




One of DPC's main mission focuses' this year is CEPAD, or the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua, a Christian organization in Nicaragua that addresses the problems of hunger, empowers community leaders to be leaders for human rights and community development, and promotes education.

For many years DPC has supported a mission co-worker working with CEPAD. While we do not currently have such a relationship, we have made a special financial gift this year to the organization's leadership program, which provides training to community members in leadership and community organization so they can develop new resources and work with the local government to achieve their goals. Leaders create a formal committee that identifies community needs and creates strategies to meet them. Many of these are  infrastructure projects such as road repair, electricity and communal wells. These committee members also serve as leaders in their communities and main points of contact for CEPAD.

One example of a woman who has benefited from this program is Ebelín, a mother of two sons who lives in the community of La Providencia in Nicaragua. Before the training, she was shy and mostly stayed in her home with her family. Now, however, she is helping her community by improving the roads and transforming empty land into gardens. They have recently solicited solar panels for homes in their community for more reliable energy sources.

Ebelín and her husband are also proud farmers, using their once-empty backyard and transforming it into a flourishing garden where they now grow lemons, oranges, corn, pineapple, coconuts, and avocados – which provides much-needed nutrients for their family. They have learned new farming techniques from CEPAD  that have been helpful as the climate and growing conditions continue to change.

Though Ebelín and other community leaders have accomplished so much, she still has hopes for the future. They are beginning to advocate and find funding for 50 more latrines for their community so that there are enough for everyone. Ebelín is very confident that she and other community leaders will continue to overcome any challenges they face because they have received proper training from CEPAD, helping to break the cycle of poverty and hunger they have lived in for so long.