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Family Ministy







 Empowering and strengthening families

We are caFamily Ministry Logolled to strengthen and empower families to nurture children as they navigate their faith journey and grow their relationship with God. We hope to create and influence environments where each family member can experience the abundant life that comes from pursuing Jesus Christ.


Family Ministry 7 2018








Family Ministry members from left to right:
Anne Murray, Julie Toner, Jenny Baker-Moderator, Kris Ernst, Stacy Creech, Meghan Burkins, Jill Eberts. (Missing: Catherine Bentrim, Craig Clemente, Josh Gill-Pastor Liaison and Sheila Willard)


POSTPONED: Family Ministry wants to thank everyone who signed up to participate in Dinner for 8 that was scheduled for April 18. When we are able to return to church, we will look for a date in the fall to reschedule Dinner for 8. 

In this fun fellowship event, set for Saturday, April 18, members are organized into small groups and enjoy a meal together in the home of a DPC host. You can participate in several different ways—as a host, a guest, or a group connector helping to facilitate conversation. The event can be a formal feast or a casual hangout—it’s up to the host! Some hosts/guests prefer an evening that includes children, while others may enjoy a chance to spend time with just adults.

     We will work to form the groups based on these preferences. Please visit bit.ly/2vaHcb8 to fill out a short registration form and we will contact you with more information. Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Include “Dinner for 8” in the subject line) We look forward to seeing you at the dinner table!