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PC(USA) missionaries serve Christ in 71 countries around the world

Their work is far-reaching, and includes planting new churches, providing health care, working on public health issues, holding up human rights, preaching, evangelizing, hosting mission teams from the United States, and much more. Doylestown Presbyterian Church is blessed to support the work of two missionaries in Peru helping to fight poverty and injustice. 


Missionaries Peru

Jed Koball assists the Peru Joining Hands Network (Red Uniendo Manos Peru). Joining Hands is an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program that addresses root causes of hunger in partnership with networks of churches and non-governmental organizations in countries with high poverty rates. These networks lead the struggle against hunger and poverty at the local level and are joined by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) presbyteries and congregational partners that address the same concerns on the global level. Red Uniendo Manos Peru is a network of eight Peruvian NGOs and churches located throughout Peru. These eight come together to identify the root causes of poverty and injustices and to address them in their local contexts by shaping and participating in strategic advocacy campaigns at the national and local levels. Red Uniendo Manos Peru tackles issues such as environmental contamination from the mining industry, the growing water crisis due to global warming, and trade policies that disadvantage many Peruvians. Jed helps facilitate partnerships between Red Uniendo Manos Peru and PC(USA) churches and entities in the U.S. to enhance participation in global advocacy campaigns. He resources the national and local work of the network in Peru as needed.

Jenny Koball is the Peru site coordinator for the Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program, which sends people ages 19 to 30 to serve in communities of need in the United States and abroad. In addition to service, the YAV experience emphasizes living in intentional Christian community, spiritual formation and vocational discernment. Each YAV in Peru is placed with and accompanies one of the eight NGOs or churches that form the Red Uniendo Manos Peru.

Together, Jed and Jenny also host PC(USA) church groups to educate them about the issues being addressed by Red Uniendo Manos Peru as well as to involve them through hands-on service in the local efforts of the NGOs and churches of the network.

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